Refund Policy




Read this section for cancellation and refund policy



Please carefully read the terms and conditions set out below before ordering any food or services from this website. By placing an order on this website, it is construed that you agree with the terms and conditions contained therein.

1. Cancellation

1.1 Customer Cancellation: Please contact Awamir immediately through our contact no. +96895180503by phone and quote your order number, if you decide to cancel your order. However, please note that you can only cancel an order if the restaurant has not yet accepted your order. The eligibility of your order cancellation is provided in the below table:

Restaurant is yet to accept your order

Order can be cancelled

Restaurant has already accepted your order

Order cannot be cancelled

1.2 You can assess whether your order has been accepted by the restaurant by accessing the Awamir app.

1.3 No delivery will be made after cancellation.

1.4 Platform Cancellation/Delivery Hazard: Awamir reserves the sole right to cancel any order in the following circumstances:

1.4.1 the restaurant is unable to provide your order or if Awamir is unable to process the order for you due to any other reason. (Before/After Restaurant Acceptance)

1.4.2 if any one of your items is not available or cannot be prepared by the Restaurant at any given time. In this case, Awamir /Restaurant will call you to determine whether you want to proceed with the partial order.

1.4.3 if your designated delivery address falls outside the delivery radius of Awamir.

1.4.4 if your designated delivery address and the address selected GPS location in the App does not match.

our rider/delivery personnel fail to contact you even after all reasonable attempts are made through mobile and/or at your doorstep.

1.4.6 if you provide wrong information or inadequate information for delivery of the order.

1.4.7 we detect any fraudulent and/or illegal use of the Awamir platform from your side.

2. Refund

2.1 Pre-paid orders: You will be eligible for refund only if the cancellation of your order has been done in compliance with the clause 1.1 & 1.4.1 above,

2.2 Pre-paid orders: If your order cancellation is successful, you will be issued a full refund. The estimated time of the refund will depend on the payment method you have chosen when you placed your order but if your cancellation falls under clause 1.4.1, Awamir will cancel the order and process your refund via HN Credit. If your order is cancelled, you will be immediately notified through SMS. However, if you want to change your refund method other than HN Credit, please contact Awamir hotline number +96896121555 within 24 hours from receiving the HN Credit notification/SMS.

In the event that the HN Credit amount is partially availed for a purchase, the outstanding HN Credit amount cannot be claimed in any other method other than for future in-app orders.

Please see the below table to find out the refund timeline for different payment methods.

2.3 Pre-Paid orders

Payment Method

Refund Option

Refund Time

Online Payment (Card/Online Transaction)

Online Payment (Card/Online Transaction)

5-10 Working Days


Awamir Credit (Full Refund)



Awamir Credit (Partial Refund)

3 Working Days







N.B. The prescribed refund transfers to the above-mentioned Banks and/or MFS service providers are dependent on their respective operational practices.

2.3.1 In case you are unable to cancel your order before acceptance by the restaurant or you reject to take delivery of the order or delivery was not possible due to circumstances as mentioned in clause no. 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5, 1.4.6 and 1.4.7, no refund will be issued to you and your paid amount will be forfeited.

2.4 Cash on delivery Orders: If your order cancellation is successful, Awamir will not deliver the order to you. Hence, you will not need to make any payment. Please note, if you want to cancel your order, please make sure the cancellation is done before the restaurant accepts your order. Otherwise, it will negatively affect the success ratio of your user account. Hence, the Cash on Delivery option might not be available for you during your next order(s).

2.5 Item mismatch: In the event the food/product received by your do not match your Order please contact Awamir through hotline number 16753 within 30 minutes from receipt of delivery. Please do keep all evidential record, including documents, photograph invoice, etc. showing the mismatch between the food/products and your Order and send the same to or Awamir Official Facebook page.Awamir reserves the sole right to determine appropriate actions in such an event, upon conducting a proper investigation as per the internal policies.

2.6 Disclaimer: In the event of any dissatisfaction with the food prepared and/or delay by the partner restaurant or service provided by the rider; Awamir reserves the right to determine, if necessary, appropriate actions against partner restaurants and/or riders as per its internal governing policies. Additionally, in such an event, Awamir reserves the sole right to determine the amount and the method of refund, if any, as per its internal governing policies.

Please note that for calls on Awamir hotline standard tariff shall be applicable. We encourage you to stay on the call if our customer care executives are busy, as Awamir shall not take responsibility for the complaints that were not successfully logged.